Ashley Hong

DIS Copenhagen

Markets and Culture major, Art History minor

Class of 2016, December graduate


Copenhagen, Denmark


Ashley spent Spring 2016 at DIS Copenhagen. While she was there she took The European Experience: Why Cities Matter, Strategies in Urban Liveability, History of Copenhagen: Structure, Plan, and Design, Cultural History of Travel, and Impressionism in Paris. 

Some of Ashley defining experiences while she was abroad were her classes. While at DIS, she focused on Urban Studies and it convinced her to change her career path and pursue a Masters Degree in Urban Studies back home in America. Many of her classes at DIS also included a travel component. In The European Experience, she traveled to Hamburg, Vienna, and Budapest, and took a bike tour of Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Budapest. Ashley used her final project in Strategies in Urban Liveability which applied studies of urban planning in Copenhagen to research on American public spaces as a basis for her Engaged Learning project back at SMU. Finally, in Impressionism in Paris, she traveled with her class to Paris to learn about the movement first hand in Parisian museums.

Outside of her travel classes, Ashley did a lot of traveling on her own and with friends. One of her favorite trips was her “Castles and Palaces trek” across Europe. She and her friend planned to visit as many castles as they could on their Spring Break from Munich to Salzburg. She also traveled to Lyon and Norway on her free weekends, and at the end of her program, she flew to Morocco to escape the cold!



Budapest, Hungary


Some of her favorite places and things she did while studying abroad were her biking commute to school, Christianhavn, Rosenborg Castle, Frederiksborg Castle, Christianhavn and Paper Island. While in Copenhagen, Ashley recommends that you get prepared for how cold it is in the winter and getting homesick in the middle of the semester. She also says to avoid taking too many weekend trips so you can really experience Copenhagen to its fullest.

Fez, Morocco

Find out more about DIS Copenhagen and learn about other SMU Abroad Programs.


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