J.R. Sullivan

SMU-in-Sydney: Internship

Public Policy and Markets & Culture majors, International Studies minor

Class of 2016, December Graduate

J.R. spent 6 weeks in Sydney, Australia completing an internship for the Center for Volunteering and taking a class on Comparative Law of the US, Canada, South Africa and  Australia.


J.R.’s study abroad class and internship was concurrent; he really enjoyed working for the Center for Volunteering which helps organize the national volunteer service in Australia. While in Sydney, he stayed in a modern student dorm in the center of the city. He traveled throughout the greater Sydney area and even took a weekend trip to New Zealand. Some of his favorite memories were going to the Blue Mountains, Taronga Zoo, Manly Beach, and cruising through Doubtful Sound.


If you’re on an internship study abroad, J.R. recommends really planning ahead and getting close to your boss. It was difficult for him to plan trips and exploring the city around working and class. You should definitely figure out things you want to do before you leave home. He also says that forming a strong relationship with his boss was one of the highlights of his trip. It makes working more enjoyable, they still keep in touch, and his boss has even written him several letters of recommendation.


Learn more about SMU’s summer internships and study abroad programs here.


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