Rory Quigley

IFSA-Butler: University of Limerick, Spring 2016

Mechanical Engineering major

Graduating Spring 2016

“One of my favorite moments when I was abroad was one of my last days at the University of Limerick. My friends and I had heard of an old castle tower in the woods right outside campus by the river that ran beside it. We went out to go look for it having to leave the marked hiking trail, but we finally found it. There was a large spiral staircase that led up to the top of the tower–some of the steps were missing so there was a slight possibility of falling. However, we made it to the top and could literally see the whole university as well as the most of the town of Limerick. It was a really cool last adventure to go on with the friends that I had made there and I am never going to forget that.”

-Rory Quigley 


While Rory was abroad in Limerick, he took Propulsion Systems, Advanced Solid Mechanics, Globalization, World History, Multiculturalism, and Gender Issues.

While you’re spending your semester in Ireland, Rory says you have to:

  • Visit the Milk Market that comes to downtown Limerick every Saturday
  • Check out Stables, which was the on-campus pub at the University of Limerick
  • Grab Irish Breakfast at Scholars Café
  • Travel to the Cliffs of Moher
  • Explore King John’s Castle in Limerick
  • Watch a Munster Rugby Match in Limerick


While Rory was abroad he also traveled to:

  • London–see the Russian Space Exhibition in the Science Museum
  • Chania, Greece
  • Prague–check out Old Town Square and the KGB Museum
  • Edinburgh–explore Edinburgh Castle
  • Barcelona
  • Venice
  • Amsterdam

Some closing thoughts from his semester abroad:

  • “Go to as many places as you possibly can.”
  • “Don’t overthink the study aspect while you are abroad.”



Check out the SMU Abroad website to learn more about Rory’s program in Limerick and over 150 other programs.


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