Peer Adviser Spotlight: Alec

My favorite abroad memories are all while I was traveling during my free time, and since I studied abroad for a whole year my junior year I had a lot of time to travel. I think I saw over 13 different countries in the span of a year. I could ramble on for ages about each on, but my favorite trip was one of the few that I took by myself.


Peer Adviser Spotlight: Kayla

Ironically, this is my favorite abroad moment because how I reacted at this moment made me realize going abroad had changed me. Before going abroad, I would’ve panicked and just had a total meltdown. By this time, I had spent 3 months abroad, learned some Italian, and became travel savvy enough to know what to do to fix the situation.

Peer Adviser Spotlight: Lexie

When we were at the peak of the roller coaster, right before we went flying down the big drop, I could see what felt like all of Germany from up there, and right then I felt how big the world is, and I suddenly was so grateful that I had just embarked on what I knew would be a life-altering journey and it felt like the entire world and my entire future were stretching out in front of me, full of possibility.

Peer Adviser Spotlight: Marisa

Marisa Infante SMU-in-Italy: Archaeology, Summer 2015 Art History major and Archaeology and French minors Graduating Spring 2017 "Sitting down to think about this makes me so nostalgic; this trip was in all my favorite moment of my life thus far and the best experience I had while studying at SMU. However, if I must…Read more Peer Adviser Spotlight: Marisa

Peer Adviser Spotlight: Sarah

One of my favorite memories was when I went to Santorini with a couple of friends over Thanksgiving. We basically had the whole island to ourselves since no one ever visits in November, and we just spent the day exploring and four-wheeling all over the island.